Paradise Circus is an alternative rock band originally formed in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The band consists of singer/songwriter David Purchase (rhythm guitar, piano, vocals), Callum Cartwright (lead guitar), Nathan Shingler (young drummer of the year 2019) and Sam Allen (bass guitar). In December 2018, front man Purchase teamed up with future guitarist Callum Cartwright to create a new era during their time at The Academy of Contemporary Music.

The band’s 2018 Winter season soon blew by and had aspirations to start 2019 with vigour. The music, however, was missing a vital component - the bass guitar and the drums. Sam Allen and Nathan Shingler made a great impression showing determination and charisma. Paradise Circus have influences from other bands and genres such as U2, The Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, The 1975, JAWS, Keane, The Strokes and many more. The band are currently working towards a single followed by an EP which will be released in 2020!